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This Is My Lion--couple of days before he died.

Welcome to Lion's Heart Specialty Quilts.
Here you will find pictures, stories of how these quilts came to be, and how to order one.
This Webpage is dedicated to our heroes. Firefighters, Police Officers, and our Military sons & daughters who have lost their lives, helping to keep us safe and free.
The name comes from my dog Lion. An AKC American Eskimo, who had a lot of heart, who was very protective and brave. He once challenged a doberman pincher and rotweiler, as he barked at them the other dogs sat down, instead of attacking.  Even their owner was surprised by their behavior, reactions to my little lion.  Lion's Roar can be heard for miles.
A separate page will have pictures of my dog lion and stories about him.
Firefighters, Police Officers, Military Officers, are like my dog lion. They are brave, protective, loyal, caring, and have big hearts.  And they do what they can to keep people safe and free from harm.  Stand TAll and Stand safe and Free.

Emmie's new spot in the car

This link will take you to my photo album page where you can see pictures of Lion and Emmie, American Eskimo Dogs. These dogs are Smart, loving, Loyal and they know it. Hahahaha

*****UPDATE******. Thanks to Mark Dashiell from ABC Extreme Homemake over Edition, the quilt was shipped to the parents of Lori Piestewa.  I hope they liked it, as i have not rec'd word about it. The quilt was not made to cause pain, but to honor them, their heritage and their daughter.

Hi I was deeply touched, when I heard that Lori Piestewa was killed in Iraq. She was the first woman and the first native american, However she was also a mom, and so left behind 2 young kids for her parents to care for and raise.
I have designed this quilt honoring Lori's spirit and her heritage. It is almost done, just a few more stitches are needed, then to find a way of getting it to her parents.

In Honor of PFC Lori Piestewa

In Honor of PFC Lori Piestewa Front & Back

Another View of Honor Quilt for Lori Piestewa

*****NEW******SPC Kenny Leisten  arrived in Iraq, hoping to make a difference, to help improve the lives of the Iraqi people, and allowing children to be able to play free without fear.  He was killed one month after arriving in Iraq.
His Aunt Jenni commissioned this quilt for his Grandmother.
We honor his life and his sacrifice. And we Honor and Thank his family for the service to our Country.
He was greatly loved and still missed.
Quilt Honoring OR Nat'l Guardsman SPC Kenny Leiste
Honoring Fallen Hero OR Nat'l Guardsman SPC Kenny Leisten
Honoring a Fallen Oregon Nat'l Guardsman
SPC Kenny Leisten was  a member of the Oregon Army National Guard's B Company 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry attached to 39th Brigade Combat Team on then to 1st Cavalry Division. 
He lost his life when a bomb exploded near the HMMWV he was driving in July 2004.

Lori lost her life in April 2001 while she was in the army.
Though she was young, her spirit was great and strong.
She loved her Family and her country and served Proudly.
She is sorely missed and greatly loved.

Honoring Lori=Quilt for her mom
Honoring Lori-Quilt for her Aunt Kathy
Honoring a Fallen Soldier
Honoring Lori-for her Aunt kathy
Honoring a Fallen Soldier

In the late summer of 2002, 11 fire fighters from Eastern Oregon, City of La Grande OR, traveled to Colorado to help them put out the wild fires there.
They never made it, they died in an accident, van rollover.
This quilt is to honor not only those fire fighters, but all fire fighters.
The quilt will be presented to the City of La Grande, OR Fire Dept soon.
I will update this page when it has been presented to them.

As you can see by the pictures below, the Honor Our Fire
Fighters Quilt was Presented to a member of the La Grande
Oregon Fire Dept. by the Mayor of La Grande, Oregon
Colleen Johnson on October 15, 2003 during their council
I am told that the quilt was warmly and gratefully accepted.
My hope is that the quilt will help in the healing process
and let the Fire Fighters know that they are supported and
appreciated for all that they do to help keep us safe.
Honoring Our Heroes-La Grande OR Fire Fighters
La Grande, OR Fire Dept

****UPDATE****  The Quilt below will be Presented to the La Grande, OR Fire Chief on October 15, 2003, during their town meeting.
On a sad note though, one of the fire fighters is in the final stages of cancer.
Our heartfelt prayers are with him and his family at this time.

Fire Station Quilt Presentation 2-October 15, 2003

Fire Station Quilt Presentation 1-Oct 15, 2003

Robyn is a co-founder of OpmaleStars (OPeration Make a Life enriched stars). She was battling cancer when i suggested making a memory-healing quilt for her. All the members of Opmalestars plus members in the military sent in wishes, prayers to aid in her healing. Those messages are on the back view. The most difficult thing about making this quilt, was the iron-on transfer of text.

Robyn's Quilt-Front View
Messages of Support for Robyn on Her special Quilt
This Quilt was made for Robyn A co-founder of OpmaleStars, a 9 1 1 Dispatcher
Quilt made for the son of a fallen firefighter

This Quilt was made for the son of a  9-11 Fallen Fire Fighter Vigiano. I  made the quilt this way, as a comfort for a young son, that he can use it everyday to just curl up with in times of need, whether that be the need for comfort, or to keep warm. And for him to know that he is cared about.

A Quilt for Chris, son of a Fallen 911 Firefighter

This Quilt was made for the very young son of 9-11 Fire Fighter Canizzaro.
This was also the very first piecework that i have done.  I had joined as i also wanted to help make quilts for families of fallen firefighters.  And this Fire Fighter family was one of the families i had been given.  I like the way it turned out. And i am glad that it will help bring comfort.

This Quilt was made for the Parents, Family of a 9-11-01 fallen Fire Fighter. It was made this way, so that the family of this Hero, could add their own favorite photos to the quilt, as i didn't have access to photos of the fire fighter, to place on the quilt myself.

Fire Fighter Quilt

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This link will take you to my photo album page where you can see more pictures of Lion and Emmie. They are American Eskimo Purebred Dogs. These dogs are Smart, loving, Loyal and they know it. Hahahaha

Prices of gas has been going up, so too has the price for fabric, batting, photo transfers. If you would like you can make a cash donation to help me to keep making the Honor Quilts for Fallen Heroes i.e. Soldiers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and more.
thank you.

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